Electric Reliability: Desired Future States

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Energy Storage Asset Reliability Characterized and Enhanced

Future State Leader:
Steve Willard
Steve Willard.png

Robust operational data shared through standardized metrics and testing inform planning, operations, and maintenance decision making.

Gaps to this future state
  • Operational data availability
  • Analysis and benchmarking of available technology data
  • Reliability models for utility planners and operators
  • O&M practices and asset management

Energy Storage Controls Integrated and Interoperable

Future State Leader:
Lakshmi Srinivasan
Lakshmi Srinivasan.png

Energy storage control systems support multiple-use applications and interoperability with utility systems to support predictable, reliable, and flexible operations.

Gaps to this future state
  • Open standards for communications and controls
  • O&M practices and asset management
  • Cyber security, including firmware upgrade verification
  • Business continuity

Energy Storage Integrated into Grid Planning and Portfolio Management

Future State Leader:
Ram Ravikumar
Ram Ravikumar.jpg

Calibrated models and best practices support power system planning and O&M practices to maximize predictability and optimize maintenance.

Gaps to this future state
  • Reliability and performance data, planning tools and methods
  • Operational practices for degradation management
  • Failure characterization and predictive maintenance
  • Maintenance approach consistency