Safety: Desired Future States

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Safety Practices Established

Future State Leader:
Dirk Long
Dirk Long.png

Codes, standards, and best practices for integration and operation of energy storage support the safety of all.

Gaps to this future state
  • Public safety guidelines
  • Installation, transportation, and handling safety guidelines
  • Operator guidelines
  • Maintenance guidelines
  • Incident response protocols
  • Design and manufacturing safety practices

Asset Hazards Characterized and Minimized

Future State Leader:
Taylor Kelly
Taylor Kelly.png

Safety hazards are characterized and mitigated with informed and comprehensive approaches to reduce the probability and severity of safety events.

Gaps to this future state
  • Battery thermal runaway characterization and mitigation
  • Siting risk management practices
  • Emerging storage technology safety information and analysis
  • Failure modes and effects analyses
  • Fire hazard testing and models

Community Resilience and Public Safety Applications Viable

Future State Leader:
Nick Tumilowicz
Nick Tumilowicz.png

Solutions are developed and demonstrated to support a range of customer and community resilience applications for disruptions and disasters.

Gaps to this future state
  • Quantification of resilience value for communities
  • Energy storage public safety use definition
  • Community and customer awareness of options
  • Coordination of customer and utility assets