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Energy Storage Performance and Reliability Foresight Supplemental Project Overview

Data courtesy of LG&E and KU

Project Highlights:
  • Access to an industry-leading data platform that offers sophisticated and easy to use analytics and comparisons of storage systems
  • Analyze past and projected storage system performance, degradation, and reliability to inform optimized operation schemes and O&M activities
  • Develop inputs to standards and market rules that are needed to create more uniformity across storage performance assessments
  • Secure and flexible data storage structure to accommodate a variety of system and component-level field data
Price of Project: This price of this project is $150,000. Funding can be split over three calendar years.

This project qualifies for tailored collaboration (TC) or self-directed funding (SDF). Funding can be split across 3 years.

Project Status and Schedule: This project is currently launched in 2021. All collaborative results are expected to be continuously completed and delivered online.
Who Should Join: Planners, financiers, grid operators, risk managers, analysts, and asset managers seeking to understand the real-world performance and reliability of energy storage systems.
Contact Information: Technical Contact:
Steve Willard - 505.366.7230

Member Support Contacts:

Brian Dupin - 650.906.2936
Barry Batson - 704.595.2873
Warren Frost - 403.474.4432
EPRI Customer Assistance - 800.313.3774

Understanding both the short and long-term performance characteristics of energy storage systems is critical as electric grids become more dependent on this resource to enable more flexibility while maintaining grid reliability. For several years, EPRI has been acquiring large amounts of fielded storage system and lab data in tandem with the development of a sophisticated, secure data platform to analyze past system performance and project future performance and reliability to maintain these systems at the highest possible operational health.


This project proposes to further develop existing efforts into an industry leading storage performance data platform that allows for expanded data acquisition and analytical processes that present users with clear, online information about past and projected storage operations. The project endeavors to answer key questions about performance, reliability, and degradation. This effort will leverage experiences from EPRI’s industry leading performance platforms that analyze reliability and failure modes of a broad range of utility assets. It will also leverage and advance tools and evaluation methods developed through the Energy Storage Integration Council and collaborative efforts with the Department of Energy.

New Learnings

Through participation in this project, utilities and other stakeholders will be able to assess energy storage performance, compare system performance to peer systems, and gain insights into effective energy storage performance analysis and operations.

New learnings expected from this project include:

  • Comparisons of energy storage performance and reliability across different technologies and applications
  • Identification of key factors that drive performance, degradation, and reliability
  • Identification of inconsistencies and gaps in contemporary energy storage monitoring systems that can inform the development of performance standards and market rules
  • Development of leading practices for operating, testing, evaluating, and analyzing energy storage technologies


This project is expected to result in improved characterization of risk, reliability, and performance for deployed or planned energy storage systems. Participants and the public may use the results to gain insights into the performance, functionality, durability, and trends for energy storage technologies.

Additional benefits may include:

  • An improved understanding of long-term storage performance based on real-world operation of a variety of energy storage systems;
  • Improved power system reliability, flexibility, and resiliency; and
  • Increased adoption of variable renewable resources.

Project Approach

This project will create distinct analysis platforms, developed through extensive data collection and analysis of a variety of energy storage systems. The initial platforms include:

Performance Analysis

This platform will provide a continually refined set of analytic tools to mine a growing dataset to understand battery performance and degradation under a variety of conditions. The platform will allow users to compare performance across the different systems involved in the initiative. All funders will be able to compare anonymized system operations and predictions.

Figure 1. All funders of the initiative will have access to anonymized system performance comparisons. The compared systems will include data from system's enrolled in the initiative as well data from other public sources. This data is for demonstration purposes only.

Members that contribute data will be able to see detailed analyses for their system(s) and compare those to others by tapping into anonymized data sets and publicly available data. Sophisticated analysis tools and graphic capabilities will allow in-depth and on-line visualization of performance. The platform’s flexibility will accommodate a wide variety of data sets. If available, battery cell-level data will be used to understand in-depth degradation while broader measurements will gauge overall system performance. Contributors will be afforded flexibility in the data they choose to have analyzed and the data will be housed within EPRI's secure Data Science Platform.

Figure 2. Initiative members that have data to contribute will have a dedicated space within where they can view and interact with their data, stay up-to-date with analysis being performed on their systems, and provide feedback on what analysis techniques are most valuable. This feedback will be used to update their site's content to increase the value of participation.

O&M, Data Collection, and Safety Best Practices

Using standard data formats aligned to utility O&M asset management practices, this platform will make use of new tools emerging from EPRI's Energy Storage Integration Council like the Energy Storage Operations and Maintenance Tracker, and legacy asset management systems designed to gather O&M experiences. The document Electrical Energy Storage Data Submission Guidelines, Version 3 describes data collection strategies which can enable the analysis and comparison of the performance of different energy storage systems. Safety conformance information, including available safety testing data and equipment listings to standards like UL9540, will also populate this platform.

Participants may request more extensive analysis through separate addenda to the project.


  • Data Platform Access: Access to both the Performance Analysis and O&M and Safety Practices platforms for the 3-year duration of the project.
  • Secure Data Storage and Archiving: Database containing funder-supplied and other publicly available data hosted in a secure environment.
  • User Interface and Analytical Tools: Leading-edge access to analysis and graphical displays of user-selected performance and reliability assessment algorithms. Consultation and dedicated guidance on uploading data and use of the interface.
  • Annual Tech Update: Further identification of data acquisition gaps that can inform relevant performance standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Quarterly Webcasts: Key data analysis insights and display of advances in analytical technique. Interaction with standard and rule making bodies to share information on project findings and associated development of standards and rules.

The non-proprietary results of this work will be incorporated into EPRI’s Energy Storage and Distributed Generation R&D program, and made available to the public, for purchase, or otherwise.