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Welcome to the main page of the Electric Power Research Institute's StorageWiki, a wiki-style hub for energy storage research at EPRI. StorageWiki was built using the MediaWiki engine to be an extensible and dynamic educational and knowledge dissemination tool. It is meant to supplement the breadth of published content that is accessible through the EPRI website, or through each program's cockpit, by providing a flexible, web-based content delivery solution for projects that can benefit from the ability to easily update and add content as a project progresses. This wiki can be quickly built upon by future energy storage projects that decide that this framework suits their needs.

We believe this resource can bring value to EPRI researchers, members, and the general public by providing:

  • A unifying approach and platform to enable exchange of information across deliverables and programs
  • An extensible website infrastructure to facilitate the quick addition of new projects as well as periodic updates to existing project content
  • A hub for interactive content for future projects to build upon

Current and Planned StorageWiki Content

Content Description Access
Energy Storage 101
ES 101 Intro.PNG
An introductory overview of energy storage drivers, economics, technologies, applications, and deployment considerations. Public
BESS Failure Event Database
Fire Safety Supplemental.PNG
An EPRI developed database for documenting public data on battery failure events sourced through EPRI work and industry collaboration.
DER-VET User Guide
EPRI has developed the Distributed Energy Resource Value Estimation Tool (DER-VET) and has made its user guide available in wiki form. This documentation covers installation, use, and model details of DER-VET.
Energy Storage Roadmap: Vision for 2025
Roadmap Vision.PNG
An EPRI developed roadmap which envisions a path to 2025 where energy storage enhances safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible electric power. More roadmap details are available in this publicly available document.
Energy Storage Analysis Case Studies
Analysis Case Studies.png
A collection of energy storage valuation and feasibility studies that represent some of the most relevant applications for storage on an ongoing basis. Program 94B: Energy Storage Technology and Analytics members

Some public use cases coming soon

Energy Storage Product Database
Compilation of key published information on the available customer energy storage systems, associated hardware, and their providers in a flexible, dynamic, intuitive framework. Program 94CDE members
Strategic Intelligence Newsletter Articles
A collection of articles from past Strategic Intelligence Newsletter emails. Program 94A: Strategic Intelligence and Industry Collaboration
Performance and Reliability Foresight Supplemental Project
P&R Foresight SPN visual.PNG
For several years, EPRI has been leveraging its sophisticated, secure data platform to acquire large amounts of fielded battery energy storage system data to analyze and model past system performance and project future performance and reliability. Supplemental Project Members

Additional EPRI Resources

Content Description Access
EPRI Energy Storage and Distribution Generation Program Home Page Access to the program research portfolio, reports, webcasts, and other program updates. Public and Member Access
EPRI Energy Storage Integration Council Home Page ESIC is an open, technical collaborative that brings together various stakeholders to advance energy storage deployments. This website provides access to the ESIC tools and guides, webcasts, and newsletters. Public
DER-VET Home Page DER-VET™ provides a free, publicly accessible, open-source platform for calculating, understanding, and optimizing the value of distributed energy resources (DER) based on their technical merits and constraints. Public
EPRI Energy Storage Technology Database The purpose of the database is to provide members with a single source for information about energy storage technologies and to report them in a consistent and timely manner. Pertinent information about the developer and/or the underlying technology are reported for each energy storage process. Program 94B: Energy Storage Technology and Analytics and P221: Bulk Energy Storage members
EPRI Customer Energy Storage Product Database This database provides members with information about customer energy storage products. Program 94E: Customer Energy Storage members
EPRI Energy Storage Lessons Learned Database This database includes lessons learned on the deployment and integration of energy storage systems. Lessons were gathered from various sources, including EPRI base research, supplemental projects, advisory meeting presentations, conferences, and the Energy Storage Integration Council (ESIC). Program 94A: Strategic Intelligence and Industry Collaboration members
EPRI DER and Energy Storage Forum This online forum connects EPRI members to EPRI staff and their utility peers to get questions answered on various DER and Energy Storage topics. Program 94A: Strategic Intelligence and Industry Collaboration and P174: Integration of DER members