Energy Storage 101

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Energy Storage 101. This content covers introductory energy storage material on industry drivers, economics, technologies, and integration and deployment.

This content is intended to provide an introductory overview to the industry drivers of energy storage, energy storage technologies, economics, and integration and deployment considerations. ES 101 may be helpful for bringing new stakeholders up to speed on the energy storage landscape.

The content is based on EPRI's Energy Storage 101 training courses. We will continue to build out the content with up-to-date content. If you have any suggestions, please email Erin Minear.

State of Energy Storage: Drivers and Big Picture

What is driving the adoption of energy storage and how do these forces influence the current energy storage landscape throughout the world? This section covers the following topics in more detail.

Drivers for Energy Storage

Current Status and Future Outlook

Energy Storage Economics

Energy Storage Technologies

Energy Storage Integration and Deployment

Additional Resources