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Can I use older GUI version 1.1 project files with the updated GUI version 1.2? DER-VET GUI project files produced with GUI version 1.1 will not load directly into GUI version 1.2

We have created a simple Python script which can be used to perform the translation of a project.json file. Details on the usage of this script are found here in GitHub. The script itself is located in the migrations folder in the DER-VET repository in GitHub.

Reference Cases with downloadable project.json files for each GUI version can be found on EPRI's DER-VET website.

Is DER-VET susceptible to the Log4j vulnerability? No. For DER-VET in particular, there is no impact. DER-VET does not use any Java code or libraries, and we do not host our app as a website (so there are no servers to worry about). All of the Desktop App (GUI) and command-line (Python) versions of DER-VET that EPRI has released do not have any Log4j vulnerabilities.
How can I determine what version of the DER-VET app I am using? There are two ways to determine the version:
  1. From the main starting page of the GUI, click the link titled About this Application. found at the bottom of the page. The first line of text shown displays the version of DER-VET.
  2. With the DER-VET app open, find the drop-down menu bar items (DER-VET, File, Edit, View, etc.), click DER-VET, and then About DER-VET. This action opens a small window that displays the version of DER-VET. The drop-down menu bar items are located:
    • Windows users: along the top-left portion of the GUI window.
    • Mac users: along the top-left portion of your screen.
Why won't the template/sample data files download when I click the link? This bug (from v1.0) has been fixed in DER-VET v1.1. In addition, you can download the template files from the DER-VET website: https://www.der-vet.com/help/

Alternatively, these files are simple CSV files with a single column, no header, and the correct number of data points (e.g. 8760, 8784, etc.). You can build your own in Excel or similar very easily (just remember to save as a .csv file).

How can I download the latest version of DER-VET? Please navigate to https://www.der-vet.com/software/ in a web browser. The latest software release will be accessible after filling out the short form near the top of the page.
Why is the DER-VET downloadable app file size so large? One reason is that the DER-VET app was built using the Electron framework. Electron apps ship with the latest stable version of Chrome and Node.js built in. These boiler-plate packages add ~100 Mb to the file size. The DER-VET app file size is not related to its performance when installed.
When using the DER-VET app, where do my results files end up if I do not choose a custom Output Folder in Project Configuration? Note that files written to these paths are over-written with each DER-VET run.

Windows users:

{user profile}\AppData\Roaming\DER-VET\DER-VET\results\

Mac users:

$HOME/Library/Application Support/DER-VET/DER-VET/results/
When using the DER-VET app, are log files written somewhere for debugging purposes? Note that this log file is appended to with each DER-VET run.

Windows users:

{user profile}\AppData\Roaming\DER-VET\logs\main.log

Mac users:

I entered data on a page in the app, and then navigated to a new page. When I went back to that page, my data was not there. Why has the data gone missing? Use the Save button(s) at the bottom of most pages in the app before you navigate off of the page, or else you will lose any data you may have entered.
I clicked the remove button and one of my uploaded timeseries data files went away. Can I get it back? No. The remove buttons throughout the app are unforgiving and instantaneous. Please use them with cuation.
How do I start over? Go to the main page, and select one of the 3 buttons; this will reset the current project state. Another option is to close and restart the app.