Cycle Life File

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This file defines how a storage system degrades in response to cycling. This is independent from calendar degradation.

The file contains two columns:

  • Cycle Depth Upper Limit - The rainflow counting algorithm in DER-VETs degradation module will bin cycles into bins of similar depth of discharge. These bins are defined by this column. Enter the upper limit for each bin here. If the smallest number is 10, then the bin will represent all cycles with a depth of discharge between 0% and 10%. If the next number is 20, that bin will represent cycles between 10% and 20% depth of discharge.
  • Cycle Life Value - How many cycles can the storage system withstand at the specified depth of discharge until replacement is required? The replacement condition may vary between data sets. If the storage systems are replaced when SOH = 80%, then the input state_of_health