Energy Storage Roadmap: Vision for 2025

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Energy storage is essential to a modern electric grid - it enables the grid to achieve ambitious renewable energy goals and enhances power system reliability and resilience. This roadmap, developed by EPRI's Energy storage and Distributed Generation Program, envisions a path to 2025 where energy storage enhances safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible electric power. This roadmap serves as a guide for EPRI’s energy storage research activities, including industry and government research collaboration. More roadmap details are available in this publicly available document from

Download the Energy Storage Roadmap: Vision for 2025 report here!

Defining the Desired Future States for 2025

For more information, click on a future state in the image below:

SafetySafety Practices EstablishedAsset Hazards Characterized and MinimizedCommunity Resilience and Public Safety Applications ViableElectric ReliabilityEnergy Storage Asset Reliability Characterized and EnhancedEnergy Storage Controls Integrated and InteroperableEnergy Storage Integrated into Grid Planning and Portfolio ManagementEconomicsPlanning and Operational Modeling Validated and AppliedMulti-Use Applications EnabledTotal Cost of Ownership ReducedEnvironmental ResponsibilityReduced Emissions with Energy Storage ApplicationsSustainable Life Cycle ImplementedEnd-of-Life Impacts MinimizedInnovationTechnology Advancements AcceleratedFuture Workforce Available and TrainedCross-Industry Breakthroughs Tracked and Integrated
These target future states were collaboratively developed as visions for the beneficial use of energy storage. Clicking on each individual desired state will show the gaps identified to achieving these states.

Energy Storage Roadmap Publications

The Following table maps EPRI's energy storage related publications from the last few years to the relevant Vision for 2025 desired future states. The table may be sorted by column or filtered using the search box. If you encounter any issues with the content on this page or have any suggestions, please email Erin Minear.