Monthly File Inputs

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This file collects inputs that vary monthly. This file is only relevant if a technology that burns natural gas is turned on, the backup service is on, the demand response service is on, or the resource adequacy service is on.

A new set of 12 rows should be added for each user-defined optimization year.

  • Natural Gas Price ($/MillionBTU) - used to penalize natural gas use in the optimization and apply a financial cost for fuel in the benefit-cost analysis.
  • Backup Price ($/kWh) - value of lost load used in the backup service.
  • Backup Energy (kWh) - How much energy is reserved for backup in an energy storage system?
  • DR Months (y/n) - Which months is the demand response service active for?
  • DR Capacity (kW) - How much power capacity can the DERs contribute to the demand response service in each month?
  • DR Capacity Price ($/kW) - How much are the DERs compensated for DR capacity, whether or not they are called in each month?
  • DR Energy Price ($/kWh) - How much are the DERs compensated per kWh of energy they deliver when called to provide power for demand response?
  • RA Capacity Price ($/kW) - How much are the DERs compensated per kW of capacity for participating in the resource adequacy service?