Scenario Analysis

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Scenario analysis can be implemented by modifying the "Sensitivity Analysis", "Sensitivity Parameters", and "Coupled" fields in the model parameters sheet. DER-VET will collect multiple inputs for each sensitivity parameter and take the Cartesian product of all of these sets of values to generate the full set of cases to run. You can circumvent the Cartesian product by "coupling" parameters. Two (or more) parameters that are coupled must have the same number of scenario values. DER-VET will treat coupled variables as a single degree of freedom in the Cartesian product, reducing the dimensionality of the results.

  • "Sensitivity Analysis" - This turns on scenario analysis for the specified parameter when changed from "no" to "yes". This can be done for as many parameters are make sense.
  • "Sensitivity Parameters" - lets the user specify the values that parameter will take through the scenario analysis. Enter values in the form, [value1,value2,...,valuen]
  • "Coupled" - specify the key of the parameter to couple with. Coupled variables must have the same number of values in the "Sensitivity Parameters" column.