Energy Storage Roadmap 2030

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SAFE, RELIABLE, AFFORDABLE, and CLEAN Energy Storage is essential to the future of the electric system for Everyone, Everywhere, All the Time. In 2024, EPRI and its Member Advisors are re-VISION-ing the desired future of energy storage in 2030. Throughout the year, EPRI and its Member Advisors will assess the current state of energy storage within each pillar and reevaluate the gaps in industry knowledge and resources between now and the re-VISION-ed future for 2030.

Based on the feedback and suggestions of both EPRI Advisors and subject matter experts (SMEs), the Energy Storage Roadmap will be simplified to its core pillars of SAFE, RELIABLE, AFFORDABLE, and CLEAN. INNOVATION, which was a pillar in EPRI's Energy Storage Roadmap | Vision for 2025, is now embedded within each Roadmap pillar as a reflection of its role, operationally. At its core, INNOVATION drives energy storage advancement in SAFETY, RELIABILITY, AFFORDABILITY, and CLEAN life cycle deployment. As such, inclusion of equity and workforce development are critical to advancement, and therefore embedded within INNOVATION.