Failure Event - Japan, Kagoshima, Isa - 27 Mar 2024

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Event DetailsSMW-Info-button.png
Location: Japan, Kagoshima, Isa
Capacity (MW):
Capacity (MWh):
Battery Module:
Application: Solar Integration
Enclosure Type:
Event Date: 27 March 2024
System Age (yr):
Extent of Damage:
State During Accident:
Description: The BESS of a solar+storage plant caught fire. The BESS was co-located with the 1200 kW Takayanagi Solar Power Plant, Unit 6. Firefighters checked the temperature and opened the door to the building, and an explosion occurred when they tried to use the smoke exhaust system. Four firefighters were injured. The fire was extinguished the next day.
Root Cause:
Failed Element:
Source: FNN
Additional Resources:
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