Failure Event - US, NY, East Hampton - 31 May 2023

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Event DetailsSMW-Info-button.png
Location: US, NY, East Hampton
Capacity (MW): 5
Capacity (MWh): 40
Battery Module: LG Chem
Integrator: Haugland Energy Group
Application: Resiliency, Utility Peak Reduction
Installation: Substation
Enclosure Type: Building
Event Date: 31 May 2023
System Age (yr): 4.8
Extent of Damage:
State During Accident: Operational
Description: A 'smoldering battery' was reported, closing down roads and stopping train service for about an hour until the fire was contained. NextEra reported that an internal sprinkler system contained the fire.
Source: East Hampton Star
Additional Resources: [ 27east
Haugland Group
Power Technology
BESS Permit]
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