Failure Event - US, NY, Warwick - 26 Jun 2023

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Event DetailsSMW-Info-button.png
Location: US, NY, Warwick
Capacity (MW): 8
Capacity (MWh): 36
Battery Module: Powin Energy
Integrator: Convergent Energy and Power
Application: Energy Shifting, Backup
Installation: Substation
Enclosure Type: Integrated products
Event Date: 26 June 2023
System Age (yr): 0.1
Extent of Damage: Multiple racks destroyed
State During Accident: Operational
Description: This event is one half of a larger simultaneous failure across 2 discrete sites in Warwick, NY. Both sites deployed the new "Centipede" model from Powin and both failures seemed to have occuredwithin 24 hours of each other. The failure appeared to occur during a large storm that affected both sites in Warwick
Source: Convergent Energy and Power
Additional Resources: Hudson Valley News 12
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