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Name Description
Value Streams in ConEd Territory This report explores the value of energy storage based on different ownership models, locations, interconnection methods, and value stream combinations in Consolidated Edison service territory. 2022
Valuation of Hydrogen Technology on the Electric Grid Using Production Cost Modeling This work develops and applies a systems modeling approach, pairing capacity expansion results with production cost modeling simulation, to assess the system-level economic impacts of hydrogen-grid integration for future high-renewables scenarios in the U.S. Western Interconnect. 2022
Combined Heat and Power This report describes use cases for analyzing CHP at sites with known electric and thermal loads. 2022
Military Installation Microgrids The project investigated the viability of long-duration energy storage enabled microgrid in improving energy security, reliability, and providing continuity of service for critical loads during grid outages at military installations. 2022
Decarbonizing Resilience This paper presents six recent microgrid case studies that improve community resilience and feeder reliability. 2022