Internal Combustion Engine

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Internal combustion engine (ICE) generators consume fuel to produce power and can operate flexibly to provide flexibility services. This technology represents a set of identical generators rather than a single generator (unless n=1).


Rated Capacity

Tag Key Description
ICE rated_capacity The maximum power generating capacity of a single generator in kW of electricity. Set this to 0 to optimally size the generator.

Minimum Power

Tag Key Description
ICE minimum_power The minimum power a single generator can produce.


Tag Key Description
ICE n How many generators are included in the set of generators.


Tag Key Description
ICE efficiency This represents the conversion efficiency of fuel into electricity (heat rate) in MMBTU of fuel (HHV) per MWh of electricity.

Fuel Type

Tag Key Description
ICE fuel_type This is the type of fuel used by the ICE generator. Either "liquid", "gas", or "other".