Innovation: Desired Future States

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Cross-Industry Breakthroughs Tracked and Integrated

Future State Leader:
Peggy Ip
Peggy Ip.png

Maintain awareness and strategic focus on broad industry disruptions that may shape or complement energy storage deployment and use.

Gaps to this future state
  • Assessments of disruptive technologies and tipping points
  • Collaboration among utility subject matter experts
  • Benchmarking other industry best practices and processes

Future Workforce Available and Trained

Future State Leader:
Erin Minear
Erin Minear.png

The industries responsible for energy storage have access to skilled workforce and development programs to address storage opportunities.

Gaps to this future state
  • Workforce growth tools and training materials
  • Project life cycle management
  • Policymaker education
  • Emergency preparedness

Technology Advancements Accelerated

Future State Leader:
Lakshmi Srinivasan
Lakshmi Srinivasan.png

Known gaps in current technology state are addressed and technology advancement process is in place to facilitate faster and more effective commercial emergence and iteration.

Gaps to this future state
  • Technology development and validation timelines
  • Funding gaps for intermediate technology readiness levels
  • Cross-disciplinary coordination
  • Technology goals and performance targets
  • Technology demonstration pathways