Failure Event - Australia, Victoria, Moorabool - 30 Jul 2021

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Location: Australia, Victoria, Moorabool
Capacity (MW): 300
Capacity (MWh): 450
Battery Module: Tesla [NMC]
Integrator: Tesla
Application: Grid Stability
Installation: Rural
Enclosure Type: Integrated products
Event Date: 30 July 2021
System Age (yr): 0
Extent of Damage: Fire
State During Accident: Construction, Commissioning
Description: The thermal event started in one Megapack and propagated to another. Two adjacent megapacks were damaged by thermal radiation from the fire. This event occurred during commissioning, when the Megapack was switched to off-line service mode. The resulting shutdown of telemetry systems, battery cooling system, and battery protection system led to a loss of visibility on the Megapack's condition, alarming, and other prevention/mitigation functionalities.
Root Cause: Integration, Construction, or Assembly
Failed Element: Balance of plant
Source: Investigation Report
Additional Resources: ABC News
Note: Missing values in this table reflect unknowns.

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