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Installing DER-VET
Running a Case
Model Details
Command Line Inputs
Command Line Outputs
GUI Inputs
GUI Results
GUI Quick Start Cases
Resolving Issues

To run a quick-start case, see the quick-start cases page of the user guide.

The GUI is set up to guide you through the process of creating a case. It needs some things from the user each time it runs a case.

  • Project configuration information, such as the location, date, etc. of the project
  • What technologies will be present and what services they will provide, along with details for each
  • Other miscellaneous information, such as external incentives

The summary tab of the GUI will show you everything left to do (in red) before the case can be run.

To run the case, press the green play button in the top right of the window.

Projectoverviewdistributedenergyresources (2) LI.png

For more details on using the GUI to set up a case, see the GUI Inputs page.

For more details on setting up a case in the command line version, check the Inputs page and the extra documentation on the GitHub release page.

Pre-Defined Use Case Tutorial