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This section of the DER-VET User Guide will contain details about the implementation of the models in DER-VET. This section can help users build intuition about how to use DER-VET, understand the background processes that yield their results, interrogate unexpected results, and set themselves up to modify the code.

tldr; DER-VET, by default, provides an upper bound on the value a set of DERs can achieve and corresponding optimal DER size by meaningfully stacking services and coordinating DER operation.

DER-VET Model Overview

DER-VET is an optimization-based value estimating model (see Perfect Foresight Optimization) for energy storage systems and other DERs. DER-VET models the operation of DERs at a user-input time scale (time steps are typically 15 minutes to 1 hour) and optimizes their size by solving a net present cost minimizing optimization problem that simultaneously solves for the operation of each DER at each time step and their size, when applicable. This optimization problem is constrained by the technical capabilities/limitations of the DERs and by constraints imposed by services, such as a reliability objective (see Services).


Perfect Foresight Optimization

Optimization Horizon

Optimization Years

Mixed Integer Optimization

Benefit Cost Analysis

Size Optimization

Service Stacking